How to Disable Apple Watch Keyboard Notification

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How to Disable Apple Watch Keyboard Notification

There’s no reason to be enduring those irritating messages

Apple lets you write text with an entire-size keyboard on your iPhone anytime you want to type text on the Apple Watch whether it’s searching on the App Store to find an app or responding to a text message.

In order to do this it will send a message via the linked iPhone when you attempt to use the watch’s keyboard to make it easier for you to use the feature seamlessly. It’s no doubt that the feature is fantastic. But, if you don’t want to type in the text on the connected iPhone You can switch off notifications from within the Settings application on the iPhone.

Turning Off Keyboard Notifications

The process of turning off notifications for Apple Watch Keyboard is very easy and requires only just a few taps on your side.

Then, go to first open the Settings app, which is accessible via your Home Screen or the app library on your device.

Then, click on the tab ‘Notifications’ from the menu to proceed.

Then, scroll down to find and then tap on the “Apple Watch Keyboard” tile to continue.

The next page, click to toggle the switch next to the tile ‘Allow Notifications’ to switch it to the off position. This is it. You will not receive notifications from your connected iPhone to enter text into the Apple Watch.

If you just want to turn off notifications, instead of turning off the notifications just tap the toggle switch after the option ‘Sounds. You’ll still get an alert in the form of a visual, but your iPhone won’t make sounds when keyboard notifications are received.

If you want to keep only the notifications in the notification center, and you do not want to receive banners in addition then tap the wireframe ‘Banners’ in the display to uncheck it. If you’ve also disabled Sounds and notifications, the message will be silent and remain in the center of notifications. Be aware that you’ll be able to view it on the screen of your lock.

You’re done You’re welcome, people. Although the keyboard feature on the iPhone to control Apple Watch is an amazing feature, it’s better to disable it when you own multiple watches that are being utilized by other people simultaneously.