How to Watch Apple TV Plus on a Windows PC or Laptop without an App

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How to Watch Apple TV Plus on a Windows PC or Laptop without an App

Apple TV doesn’t have an application for Windows however it doesn’t mean that you can’t enjoy Apple TV+ shows on your computer. You can stream the entire Apple TV Plus content on your computer through Apple TV’s website. Apple TV website that launched along with TV+ on November 1st. TV+ service on November 1st.

To begin, you must begin by opening Chrome to start, or Microsoft Edge on your Windows PC. Go to the website.

Click on the “Sign In” on the upper right-hand part on Apple TV’s Apple TV website home page.

A pop-up window will be displayed to allow you to sign in using the Apple ID. But, as this article is aimed at Windows users, a lot of you might do not possess the Apple ID. If that is the case you need to click the “Create New Apple ID” link to create the Apple ID to use on Apple TV Web.

A Welcome for Apple TV pop-up will show when you click on the “Create New Apple ID” button. Then, then click on the “Start Watching” button to proceed.

The next screen you’ll be presented with an application form to establish your own Apple ID. Enter the fields for your “Name” and “Birthday” and then agree to “Terms & Conditions”. Make sure you change the country you’re from “United States” to your country if you’re not US resident. Click”Continue” after filling in the form “Continue” button after filling the form.

Then, enter your email address as well as a password you want to create to secure the Apple ID. Be aware that your email address that you enter into this field will also be the email address you use to create your Apple ID. Click”Continue” after you have hit the “Continue” button after filling in your details.

An email with a verification number will arrive at your address. Inbox your email to see if you have an email sent from Apple with the verification code. You can utilize it to confirm your account.

In the end you’ll be required to add a payment option on the Apple ID account so that you can sign up for Apple TV Plus. This is required even to avail the trial offer of a free 7-day offer.

Then, you’ll be brought on the Apple TV+ subscription screen. Select on the “Confirm” button to start your trial of one week for free for Apple TV+. After one week, the cost will be $4.99 per month, if you keep using the service.

Right now “Sign in” with your newly created Apple ID to start watching Apple TV Plus shows in the web browser of the Windows PC.

If you see an “Confirm subscription” pop-up, click “Confirm” again. After that, you’ll see an “Welcome to TV+” screen. Click”Continue” “Continue” button.

If you receive an “Parental controls” notice, select on the “Start Watching” button to proceed. You can enable parental controls in your Account Settings menu after.

Using Apple TV Web

After logging in using your Apple ID and subscribing to Apple TV Plus, you can begin viewing Apple TV+ shows on the Apple TV website on your computer.

The Apple TV website has a minimalist design, featuring all the latest exclusive shows that can be played directly from the home page. To make it easier for you here is a short list of every show that are available through Apple TV Plus.

Enjoy enjoying Apple TV Plus on your Windows PC or Laptop.