How to Install Wordle as an App on your iPhone or Android Device

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How to Install Wordle as an App on your iPhone or Android Device

Download Wordle as an application on your smartphone and you can get rid of the headache of opening Wordle’s website using the browser each time you want to play.

If you’re even remotely connected on social media platforms, you’ve probably been exposed to the Wordle game, and have probably been enthralled by the game. In the age of digital the first reaction of everyone when we are enthused by an activity or product is downloading the app. But, unlike other apps, Wordle is a web-based site and doesn’t have a separate application for Android as well as iOS.

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There’s a simple and simple solution to this issue. It lets you play Wordle. Wordle game the same way as an app for your mobile phone. It’s a simple process and takes only a few minutes or so of time.

Add Wordle as an App for Web on your iPhone

The addition of a web-based app to your homescreen of an iPhone is as easy as it can. Follow the easy steps below and you’ll be finished before you know that you have done it.

Then, you must open the Safari browser from your home screen or the app library on your iPhone.

Next, head to the When the site loads fully, click the “Share” button in the lower left corner on your display. This will display an overlay menu that appears on your screen.

From the menu for overlays, go to find and then tap on the “Add to the Home Screen option that is on the menu.

On your next screen click on the button ‘Add’ located in the upper right-hand corner of your screen to make it part of the home screen.

That’s it! You are now able to play the Wordle game just like any other app you have on your iPhone.

Add Wordle as an Internet App to your Android Phone

The addition of the Wordle application to Android devices is as easy like it is on its iOS equivalent. In fact, you’ll complete the procedure in only one or two taps on your screen.

To do so, open using Chrome browser on your mobile phone. After the site has fully loaded, click on the “kebab menu” (three horizontal dots) located in the upper right-hand corner on your display. This will display an additional menu that appears that appears on your screen.

After that, in the menu for overflow, click on the ‘Add to Home Screen Option. This will display an overlay pane to your screen.

Then, type Wordle into the box that is provided, and then tap the button ‘Add’ in the pane. It will display an option to your display.

After that, in the ‘Add Home Screen the prompt will appear. You can hold this icon, and then drag across the screen to put it in place manually. If not, tap “Place automatically” button to allow the system to place it in the best place in your screen home.

If you ever want to explore Wordle’s world Wordle just tap the icon on the home screen to launch it and utilize it as the app you downloaded on your smartphone.

But keep in mindthat when you remove the icon from your home screen, you’ll have to go through the steps mentioned above to restore it.

This is it folks, following the easy steps outlined in this article and you’ll be able to play the Wordle game like any other game you can install on your mobile device . You will also entirely eliminate the hassle of visiting the website each time you want to play the game.