How to Cancel Canva Subscription

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How to Cancel Canva Subscription

You can easily remove the Canva Pro subscription if it isn’t for you any longer

Canva is without doubt one of the most simple tools available for creating particularly for non-designer. If you’re working on a small personal project or creating things for your job, Canva offers something to suit your needs.

Canva Pro and Enterprise subscriptions go to the next level by offering branding kits and other top-quality features. However, it may not be the right choice for you. If you’ve come to the conclusion that Canva Pro isn’t your cup of tea, then you can simply end the subscription. However, there are some things to consider prior to cancelling your subscription. Let’s get into the specifics.

Can I cancel my Canva Subscription at any time?

The ability to use Canva across all platforms including Desktop, iPhone, Android is among the greatest benefits that it offers. Whatever device you’re using you are able to use Canva as well as all of the functions that your account provides.

However, when you want to cancel your Canva subscription, the compatibility between different platforms is thrown out of the window. You are able to end your Canva subscription using the device that you purchased it on. If you purchased your Canva subscription through (web browser) You cannot cancel your subscription using apps for iOS and Android apps.

If you’d like to cancel your trial for free or cancel an Pro subscription that you’re currently being charged for, the same policy is applicable to all devices.

Why Can’t I Cancel my Subscription?

If you’re trying to end your subscription on the correct platform or device You may find yourself not able to do it. There are some things that you must be aware of.

Only admins and team owners are able to remove Canva subscriptions. If you’re not one of them or admin, you’ll be unable to cancel your subscription.

Another reason is that you may not be able to terminate your subscription. If your last payment was not successful or did not go through due to a reason, you’ll need to pay before you can be able to cancel or stop your subscription.

Pause your Subscription Instead

If you are on an annual subscription and have less than 2 months remaining there is a different option other than cancelling your subscription. It is possible to pause it. This is especially helpful if you have time left on your subscription, but there’s no reason to use it at the moment.

If you decide to end your subscription, the remaining subscription will remain in effect until the end of the subscription period. You may suspend your subscription for up to three months, and return it later.

Canceling Canva Pro Subscription

Canva subscriptions automatically renew, so it is recommended to end your subscription prior to the date of your next billing to avoid charges. If you cancel your subscription it will be in effect until the end of your period of your subscription.

It is also recommended to not delay the cancellation until the very final minute because the payment system used by Canva operates according to the GMT time zone. It is therefore possible that because of the time difference that you are charged on the day you believe you’ll be charged. Canva cannot provide a refund for subscriptions that you don’t cancel by the deadline.

If you decide to end your subscription, your design will not be lost to you. However, you’ll lose access to the full range of Canva Pro features at the expiration of the billing period. Canva keeps the Brand Kit intact. If you decide to start the process of reactivating your Pro membership, it don’t need to repeat the procedure of creating it all over once more.

Canva Enterprise users can’t cancel their subscription as Canva Pro users. If you wish to cancel the cancellation of your Enterprise membership, head here and request the removal of the Enterprise account.

Cancel Canva Subscription by logging out of the browser

If you have upgraded to Canva Pro from their browser visit from a browser using any device and sign into your account.

Click on your profile icon in the upper right hand corner of the screen.

Go to “Account settings” from the menu.

In the menu navigation to the left, click the tab ‘Billing and Teams’.

Select the cancel subscription option in the subscriptions section.

A pop-up window will open to cancel the subscription. Click on ‘Cancel Subscription to confirm.

You can also stop your subscription here, instead of cancelling it. Choose whether you wish to suspend it for one 3, 2, or 3 months, and then click “Pause subscription”.

Cancel Canva Subscriptions from an iOS device

Users who have upgraded to Canva Pro from the iOS application on either an iPhone or iPad can cancel their subscription on either. You can cancel the subscription from every iOS device. Make sure that you’re logged into the Apple ID you used to purchase the subscription.

You can access your subscriptions via through the Settings app or from the App Store.

In within the Settings app, tap the Apple ID name card at the top.

After that, select the option for ‘Subscriptions’..

If you are unable to find your subscription on the Settings app, then open your App Store. Click on your profile icon in the top of the right-hand corner.

After that, select the option for ‘Subscriptions’..

All subscriptions to your account will be visible. Click the option “Canva”. After that, tap ‘Cancel Subscription’ to end your subscription.

Cancel Canva Subscriptions using an Android Device

Like the iOS device If you bought Canva Pro from the app store, if you purchased Canva Pro subscription from within the application for the Android phone, then you are able to only cancel it through within the Play Store. Start the Play Store on any Android device and sign in using the email address which you utilized to update your subscription. After that, tap the Profile icon at the upper right corner.

Then, select the option “Payments and subscriptions” in the drop-down menu which opens.

Select the option “Subscriptions”.

The subscriptions will show. Click the option Canva and then tap ‘Cancel subscription’. An email confirmation will be displayed. You must confirm that you have successfully cancelled your subscription.

Cancelling your Canva Pro subscription would have been simpler if there weren’t any platform restrictions. However, you are able to be able to end the Canva Pro subscription with instructions in this article.