How to Add Google Widget on iPhone and Android

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How to Add Google Widget on iPhone and Android

This widget can help make your Google search more efficient.

We all utilize Google often throughout the day. An unimportant question arises in our minds and we are there searching for it. Wouldn’t it be wonderful not to have to go through our browsers each time we needed to search something?

With Google’s widget on iPhone and Android it is possible to accomplish exactly that. The Google widget includes an option to search right on the Home screen, which means you don’t need to go through hoops to get an easy Google search each time.

Adding Google Widget on iPhone

Widgets’ introduction in iOS 14 has been game-changing for iPhone users. With widgets, it’s now possible to personalize your Home screen in a way that was never before. Google app has also has released a widget that makes use of this feature in iOS 14.

In the beginning, you must ensure that you’re running iOS 14 or above on your iPhone in order to make use of widgets.

To be able to include to be able to add the Google widget on your Home screen you’ll also require the Google application running on your iPhone. Visit the App Store, search for Google and then install it. If you’re already a subscriber ensure that your application is up-to-date to the most recent version.

If you’re downloading the app right in the moment, make sure to open it only once because the widget will not appear on the Widget gallery until you’ve done it.

Then, you can go back to your Home screen, and then enter the Jiggle mode. To activate the Jiggle mode, simply hold and tap on the app or widget, or an empty space from home screen, until the apps begin to move. After that, tap the+’ icon in the left-hand side on the display.

It’s that easy. Widget Gallery will be opened. Look for the widget that says ‘Google Search’ and click on it.

Google widget is available in two sizes. Google widget comes with two different sizes: medium and small. The smaller widget is limited to the search bar.

The medium widget offers choices for Google Lens, Voice search as well as Incognito mode. You can swipe between them to pick a size and then click the button to add widgets.

The widget will show up on your home screen. Drag it around to put it in the desired position. Click the search bar on this widget in order to Google the subject quickly.

Adding Google Widget on Android

Widgets that appear on the Home screen may be brand new to iPhone however, they’ve been present in Android for quite a while. Since the majority of Android phones already come with the Google application installed and the Google Search bar on your home Screen on Android is quite simple and simple. If you don’t have it , or you’ve deleted it before, the first thing you need to do is download the application through Google’s Play Store.

Hold and touch an empty area on the home screen of your phone. After that tap ‘Widgets’ on the lower right on the screen.

Swipe between the widgets until you locate the one that says ‘Google’. Tap it to open it.

After that, swipe left and right again (if you need to) to open Google Search’s widget. Click the Add button.

Google widget Google widget will show up on your home screen. Drag it wherever you’d like it to be. You can also alter the size of the widget to fit on the screen, but only the width, not the length though. Tap the widget, and an outline of blue dots appears. Move the dots in blue around to change the size of the widget. Tap any other area on the screen to go back to the normal screen.

In Android phones you can also modify your Google widget. Start the Google app, then tap on “More” from the menu on the lower right on the page.

Tap ‘Customize widget’.

The menu for customizing will appear with options to modify your Google logo, the design of the bar, as well as its transparency.

Widgets can help you get the most important information you need in a single glance. Google’s Google widget goes a step above that. It provides you with not only information, but also important functions with just a single click. By using widgets you can Google at your own pace, without needing to tap a few times to access it.