5 Best Excel Shortcuts Mugs For the Excel Nerd

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5 Best Excel Shortcuts Mugs For the Excel Nerd

Wondering what a “Spreadsheet-kind-of-person” would like? Here are five options!

As we advance in our professions as we advance in our careers, we begin to realize that we are becoming the people we are. We are the ones who control our professional lives in a way that develops into a vital and lovable part of our lives. We are a part of our job both on the job and in our lives too. Every profession has its own distinct characteristic that you have to deal every day. A kind of archetype.

If Excel spreadsheets are your primary work model and you’re looking for a mug to match, this Excel Shortcuts mugs are an excellent souvenir to give you or someone else who works in the same field. These mugs aren’t just fun but also practical. If you’re looking for a shortcut onlyat the end of your tongue, look to your cup! In addition to drinking and work they can also be great decor pieces too.

Excel Shortcut Mug by Lolora

Red Bubble is a shopping platform for artists who are independent, and this coffee mug that was designed with a range of Excel shortcuts is an amazing work by Lolora.

This stylish white ceramic mug is a perfect fit for seven different types that comprise Excel shortcuts. General Formatting, Selection Navigation, Formatting, as well as Data Manipulating,, in addition the Excel Wizard and Formulae is the kind of thing you can expect from this cup.

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There are two variations of the Excel Shortcuts Mug: the standard mug and the taller mug. The most popular variant can be described as the traditional mug that has the same size from the rim down to the bottom. There is only one difference in the tall and classic versions is the design of the latter is a taper from the rim down to the bottom, and can hold just 1 one ounce less than the standard mug.

However, they cost the same amount – $17.50. The price decreases as you purchase – $14.50 for two mugs, $14 for four mugs and the list goes on.

Spreadsheet Shortcut Mug by Uncommon Goods

With a few of the most important keyboard shortcuts for the Excel expert written on the mug, this thick classic mug makes a great gift for someone who is unfamiliar with spreadsheets. It’s also ideal for professionals — but especially for the uninitiated Excel-user!

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The ceramic Excel Shortcut mug consists of the ‘Spreadsheet Shortcut Mug’ search bar as well as a set of keyboard shortcuts that are essential for formatting, filtering and other functions. There are some formulas in there too! The mug is dishwasher and microwave-safe and can accommodate up to 12 liquid pounds.

Excel Super Shortcuts Mug by excelmug.com

The Excel shortcuts mug was provided through the exclusive websiteexcelmug.com. excelmug.com. The site is only selling Excel Shortcuts mugs with two sizes -the 11-ounce and the 15-ounce. Both mugs have the same high-end design and Excel shortcuts!

Find this mug at excelmug.com

The Excel Super Shortcuts mug from excelmug.com isn’t your typical Excel shortcuts cup! The ceramic mug contains 64 distinct Excel shortcuts that are grouped into useful categories like entering Data Formatting Borders and Selection’ and the ‘For Super Nerds’. It’s also super useful as a cutlery mug The ceramic mug is microwave and dishwasher safe! The 11-ounce mug is $23.99 and the 15-ounce mug is $26.99.

First Coffee. Then I’ll Excel. Mug by Yacosta

Yacosta offers a stylish and geeky selection for elegant Excel people. Although the mug is only equipped with only a few basic shortcuts and can’t be used as a reference per the way, it is an attractive addition to any Excel user’s desk, due to the sexy quote that is on the cup.

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Yacosta’s ‘First Coffee. Then I’ll Excel ceramic mug comes in two varieties in addition to the standard mug as well as tall mug. large mug. Both come with the identical color code and only a only one ounce capacity difference. If you’d like an alternative in the color and font, then take a look at the red mug. The mug is in fact identical, but it is in terms of design.

In addition to the ceramic mug, Yacosta also offers an Travel Mug for the Excel fan. The mug is able to hold about 15 ounces of liquid. Yacosta also offers an red version that is a travel mug. Ceramics as well as travel mugs can be washed. The latter, however, is only on the upper rack!

Excel Formula Cheat Sheet by IMTHEBUS

If you’re not searching for Excel shortcuts specifically, Excel functions can be your latest cheat code. IMTHEBUS includes the Excel Functions’ mug, where vital Excel functions such as Vlookup, Countblank, Countif, Sumif are at your at your disposal.

The mug comes in three colors three colors — powder pink, pastel green as well as deep pastel green. The three colors are available as both Classic and Tall mug styles.

Find this mug on redbubble.

The classic Excel Functions mug is able to hold 11 liquid ounces, and the tall mug, 12 ounces. Both are dishwasher-safe ceramic. A different option to the Excel Functions’ mug is The The Ultimate Reference for Spreadsheet Functions mug. It summarizes all of the essential Excel functions. It’s available in Classic and Tall Mug types.

Excel can be a delicious hobby, especially if you’re skilled at excel. If you’re rewarded for your Excel abilities, maintaining an actual memory backup or searching for an unusual present for your person you know who is geeky, we hope these resources come to your help!