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Hey there, I know this page doesn’t look like it, but we’ve been designing and building websites for a while now.

It’s just taken us a bit of time to update our own website 🙂

In the meantime, we still have all the info on HTML validation and web hosting comparisons available for you to read through.

Why Validate your HTML?


Valid HTML is usually cross-browser, cross-platform compatible, meaning that it doesn’t matter which browser or device your visitors are using, they will all be able to navigate the site without issues.

Search Engines

Fewer errors in your code means that search engine spiders and crawlers will be able to crawl and index your site faster. While this wouldn’t matter much for smaller sites, but as your website scales and grows, the problem of coding errors compound. With more and more errors stacking up, search engines might find it hard to even crawl, nevermind actually index some pages.

How To Validate HTML

The easiest way to check your XHTML and HTML pages for any issues is to use the official W3C Markup Validation Service, which you can find here.

The tool will check your code for things like missing closing tags or missing quotes around attributes.