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Message Summary

contains errors

CSE HTML Validator Professional generated 1 error message and 9 warning messages when checking this web page. These problems could damage this web page's search engine rankings as well as cause viewing problems for visitors. It is highly recommended that any problems be corrected. Why validate?

URL: <http://egrojsoft.info/>, Local Time: 1:53:55 AM, Date: Sunday, April 30, 2017

Messages (errors first)

Error167The "alt" attribute is not valid for the "a" element. Should this be the "title" attribute instead, which offers advisory information for the destination resource. Note that user agents my render values for "title" in different ways. Many user agents, including Internet Explorer, Mozilla, and Firefox display "title" values as a "tool tip" that appears when the mouse pointer pauses over the link.

<a href="http://www.webstatsdomain.net/domains/egrojsoft.info/#safety_block" title="Reputacion Website" alt="Reputacion Website" target="_blank"><img src="Recursos/reputation.png" style="border:none;" title="Website reputation" alt="Reputacion Website"/></...

Warning71The natural primary language is not specified. It is highly recommended that the "lang" and/or "xml:lang" (for XHTML) attributes be used with the "html" element to specify the primary language. For example, add the attribute lang="en" for English or lang="fr" for French. Specifying the language assists braille translation software, speech synthesizers, translation software, and has other benefits.

<html xmlns:og="http://opengraphprotocol.org/schema/">

Warning77Remove this meta tag and use one or more of these metadata names instead: "dcterms.dateCopyrighted" for the date of the copyright (like <meta name="dcterms.dateCopyrighted" content="2014">), "dcterms.rights" for information about the rights held in and over the resource (like <meta name="dcterms.rights" content="statement or information about copyright">), and/or "dcterms.rightsHolder" to specify the person or organization owning or managing the rights (like <meta name="dcterms.rightsHolder" content="ABCXYZ Corp">). Furthermore, "Copyright" is not a standards-compliant metadata name. Visit https://www.w3.org/TR/html51/document-metadata.html#standard-metadata-names and https://wiki.whatwg.org/wiki/MetaExtensions for more information.

<meta name="Copyright" content="EgRoJ Soft! (C)">

Warning91The "rel" value specifies the legacy value "shortcut icon". Although this value is allowed by HTML5 for historical reasons, it is recommended that rel="icon" be used instead.

<link rel="shortcut icon" href="http://egrojsoft.info/Recursos/EgrojIcon.ico" >

CSS Warning101The "TEXT-DECORATION" property was used inside a declaration block of a CSS ruleset that contains a selector using the ":visited" pseudo-class. For privacy reasons, browsers limit the properties that can be used on elements selected by ":visited". For example, the "TEXT-DECORATION" property may have no effect. Some of the allowed properties include "background-color", "color", the border color properties, and some other color properties. Visit https://developer.mozilla.org/en-US/docs/Web/CSS/Privacy_and_the_:visited_selector for more information. This message is displayed up to 10 times.

A:visited {COLOR: Blue; TEXT-DECORATION: none}

Warning117The "style" element should not be where flow control is expected (for example, not in the "body" section). Should this "style" element be in the "head" section instead? NOTE: Even though the "style" element is technically not allowed here, it still works in many modern browsers (but avoid non-standard use if possible). This message is displayed up to 3 times.

<style type="text/css">

Warning126[129] The HTML5 "autofocus" attribute for "input" was used but this does not appear to be an HTML5 document. Perhaps the document type should be changed to HTML5? This message is displayed only once.

<input type="text" name="q" autofocus placeholder="&#9000;" size="31" />

Warning126[129] The HTML5 "placeholder" attribute for "input" was used but this does not appear to be an HTML5 document. Perhaps the document type should be changed to HTML5? This message is displayed only once.

<input type="text" name="q" autofocus placeholder="&#9000;" size="31" />

Warning143Adobe Flash and SWF files support is eroding on both desktop and mobile devices due (at least in part) to significant reliability and security concerns. Instead use standardized HTML5 technologies. This message is displayed up to 3 times.


Warning154Missing "type" attribute. Documents below HTML5 require the "type" attribute for the "script" element in order to specify the scripting language. For example, use type="text/javascript" for JavaScript. However, in practice, modern browsers do not need this attribute if the script type is "text/javascript" (which is the default).


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