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CSE HTML Validator Professional generated 0 error messages and 1 warning message when checking this web page. Congratulations! There were no errors but there were some warnings. Make sure the warnings are not serious. Why validate?

URL: <https://www.htmlvalidator.com/>, Charset: UTF-8, Local Time: 6:12:37 AM, Date: Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Messages (errors first)

Warning 1 IE conditional comment was detected. The use of IE conditional comments is discouraged. IE conditional comments work in IE5 to IE9 but support for them has been removed in IE 10 for standards and quirks mode (but not removed for compatibility view). An example of an IE conditional comment is <!--[if IE 9]> ... <![endif]-->. Visit https://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/hh801214(v=vs.85).aspx for more information.

NOT SHOWN: CSE HTML Validator Online (OnlineWebCheck.com) does not show: bad & broken links, SEO (search engine optimization) messages, mobile messages, misspelled words, accessibility messages, tip messages, JavaScript lint messages, and messages other than errors and warnings.

HTTP Headers

HTTP headers are sent by the web server to provide additional information about the server and the requested document.

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